Business to Consumer Case Study




“I had worked with Judy before when I was at another company prior to Clear. I knew it was critical to drive the right results in Direct Response mediums and to be able to measure and forecast what the results were going to be in a large scale consumer marketing program that was growing so rapidly. I had the confidence this team could get it done and they did.”
–  Vice President Sales Operations

Clearwire was a new technology 4G wireless internet company that was planning to expand nationally under the brand “Clear” with 4G Wimax.

Little to no brand awareness, small customer base, and aggressive sales goals.

Strategy Implemented:
Since there was no history, implemented industry best practices methodology for acquisition/lead generation in developing strategy, vehicles, creative, targeting – all driving to a landing page. Selected direct mail format that had become winning control buster for top consumer clients in comparable direct-to-consumer industries – letter and sell sheet format. This is an effective low cost format for high volume manufacturing.

Next on the data front, we selected from several large compiled databases that had demographic and lifestyle overlays. Based on initial profiling of their target customer we selected key demographic and lifestyle characteristics.

Once the first market launched we we quickly profiled the data to compare how the results compared to the initial assumptions. We adjusted the data until full market models could be built. Continuous optimization of the program became standard practice as new markets opened and additional data became available.

Exceeded targets in the first year by over double digits.

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