Marketing Services

Driving leads to your website through social media and other marketing efforts is often the start of the sales process.  Converting leads into customers has traditionally been the weakest link in many social media and marketing programs. 

Face of Your Business can provide a variety of marketing support services, based on our 20+ years of acquisition and retention marketing experience.  Just a few of our services include:

  • Developing strategic marketing plans based on an assessment of your current marketing needs and historical performance
  • Implementing proven acquisition programs using a multi-channel approach
  • Converting leads into customers through understanding the sales cycle and matching content to area of interest
  • Retaining customers through mapping the customer journey and providing appropriate touch points with relevant content along the path
  • Assessing your content marketing strategy and efforts, and making recommendations for improvement
  • Optimizing the use of video in your social media and marketing content strategy
  • Providing interim-or-longer term marketing on-site support including:
    • Project/program management
    • Strategic planning
    • Financial planning
    • Account management

Whatever your marketing or advertising needs, we have an experienced team to help you optimize every marketing dollar.  Contact us today and let’s start the discussion.

Check out our customer creation process, and see if you are following best practices.


Customer Creation Process

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optimize ongoing database manage



There are two types of media that support Social Media − owned and paid.

Owned includes blogs, email newsletters, brand websites and social media channels such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Paid media includes banner ads, paid adwords, on search engines, external emails, remarketing and other paid direct response. It is important to measure which source of leads has the highest conversion rate, not just response, to determine the best ROI.


Ongoing Landing Page Development is the foundational to success of a Social Media program. The Content Marketing Institute recently published that only 24% of B2B marketers are currently measuring the results of their social media content marketing programs down to the level of individual piece of content. To effectively optimize program performance, and invest wisely, solid tracking metrics need to be in place, and that is best done with assigning a landing page to each piece of content.


Database Setup and Update is important if you are going to have an ongoing lead nurture program. The information that is collected on the landing page is stored in the database, along with contact history and content interest.


Managing Lead Nurture includes determining the relevant content to push out to the lead, based on their area of interest and stage in the buying process. This is also vital for determining the frequency of contact and the creative/messaging execution.


The key strategy in the Customer Creation program, is to match content that is relevant to the lead based on their area of interest, and position in the buying process. This can be determined by what types of content they are initially engaging with and viewing. It also can help determine what content to produce next.  Contact us to learn more, and how to add video into your strategy.