Although we create and produce media, we define ourselves as “partners”, hired to deliver results to our clients. The video projects presented below first outline our clients’ business or project needs, then the solution we formulated, and finally feedback from the client on how our approach delivered the results they desired.

Corporate Launch


DeAntwan Fitts and Myrian Melnechuk, founders of Zendigo, needed a launch video for their tea business that utilizes the social or party selling channel. They needed a 2-3 minute video that communicates who they are, and what their business is all about. Their launch consultancy provided a copy script, and we were tasked with the visual scripting and producing the finished film.

We worked with Zendigo’s agency to develop the film, and recommended a kind of “Cinderella” going to the ball approach to the story, to show how an individual is transformed through the process of becoming a Zendigo representative. We were also asked to produce a film with prime time commercial style and sensibilities, using story line, actors, and commercial production techniques. It’s working well, and already producing results for them.


Client: “Our agency tells us that your film is the best first-launch company film they’ve ever seen! We’re getting compliments regularly from everyone… You promised us a high level of quality for our film, and it shows… We have a lot more work coming your way!” (Myrian Melnechuk, Co-founder Zendigo)


“1Heart Caregivers”

1Heart Caregivers is a successful senior home care business located in Southern California that was about to launch a national franchise business. The client needed a 12 minute video announcing the launch and explaining to potential franchisees why they should consider 1Heart.

Because 1Heart was a brand new business, there was no material to photograph. Further, the health care franchise industry is a crowded market, which meant we needed to both differentiate them from their competition, and impress the viewer with 1Hearts’ capabilities. We choose an essay film approach, and through using attractive, designer style photos and a simple, persuasive presentation of the facts and figures, move the viewer to follow up with the company.

Client: "Face of Your Business did an outstanding job for us in producing the Franchise Opportunity video���You were able to take a lot of industry statistics and information, and present and engaging story with interest and changing tempo...I am proud to show this to potential franchisees." (Belina Tagarao, Chief Executive Officer)

Client: “Face of Your Business did an outstanding job for us in producing the Franchise Opportunity video. You were able to take a lot of industry statistics and information, and present and engaging story with interest and changing tempo…I am proud to show this to potential franchisees.” (Belina Tagarao, Chief Executive Officer)


Documentary – Social Media

“Two Rivers”

Glen and Carolyn Schmekel had initiated a Native American reconciliation movement in the Pacific Northwest that was radically different from the so called “platform reconciliation” programs that were typical of church and U.S. governmental initiatives. “We had the hardest time getting people to really understand what we were doing, and why it was working. We were hoping a DVD might be useful in helping people understand what we were doing, and so establish a basis for more productive subsequent discussions.” (Glen Schmekel)

We felt that a film which recreated their story would be more effective than a teaching or informational approach. We had a lot of complex information and controversial ideas to present to some frequently skeptical people, so we recreated the group’s journey of discovery and development, from a small experimental effort into a full-blown reconciliation movement, and then explored the profound effect their work was having on their community. Though we anticipated we’d have a strong impact in the region, we’ve been surprised and gratified to see it become something that’s had a national, even international impact as well.

“You did it! We didn’t know how you could possibly manage it, but you did it! Wow! It’s a perfect, moving representation of what we’re doing here – We can’t wait to see what will come out of this film!” (Glen & Carolyn Schmekel)

Broadcast Nationally in all PBS Major Markets, “Official Selection” in ten U.S. film festivals, Best Documentary from Creation Arts, Featured documentary City of Angels, awarded Omni Bronze and Aurora Platinum awards. Used by scores of governmental institutions, colleges and other diversity training groups and reconciliation programs.


Meeting Opener:

“Kern Direct”

Kern Direct, a top ten direct marketing agency in the U.S., commissioned us to produce a traditional corporate style sales meeting opener which would establish Kern as a viable DM company, as well as differentiate them from their competition with a convincing portrayal of its’ customer service culture – something especially difficult to quantify by facts and figures.

While we hit all the necessary bases – establishing Kern’s excellent creative, technical, and DM capabilities, we spent the bulk of our production time on producing material that captured Kern’s service culture.

We pre-interviewed and found two ladies who came across well on camera, who really were passionate about servicing customers, and were particularly articulate in expressing these sentiments. We were also able to recruit an equally enthusiastic client. Further, we focused on connecting well with the other employees, interviewing them not just about what they did, but on the effect their work had on the clients’ satisfaction with Kern. We opened the film with the best service material, then periodically punctuated subsequent informational sequences with additional service oriented clips.

One of our favorite lines came from a customer service rep early in the film: “We run down the hall to take that call!”

“Congratulations! You came in on short notice, and in the brief time we spent together, you managed to grasp not just my business needs, but the work ethic and service culture we work so hard to maintain here.

We use your video to open new business meetings. It’s high energy and attractive style sets a great tone for launching our presentations. Direct marketing is a competitive business, and effectively communicating service excellence can make the difference – It’s what we needed and you did it well.” (Russell Kern)


Sales & Trade Show:

Rockreation: “Fight Gravity”

Rockreation, an indoor climbing gym, had recently packaged their unique, rock climbing facility and training capabilities into a corporate team-building program, and needed to market it to HR departments. The requirement was for both a short mailer-leave behind DVD, and a longer twenty-minute film, which they would use in their trade show booth.

The client wanted the short film (presented here) to be a traditional corporate video, that would compare favorably to similar program DVD’s, and clearly communicate that their team-building was as effective as the more traditional programs currently available to HR departments. The longer, (not shown) twenty minute film featured a complete re-enactment of the program, using some thirty actors, four different trainers, lighting and effects, drops, and a completely customized score.

Using the actors and various training staff, we re-enacted the program, including an improvised scene in which the actors described how and why various aspects of their experience could translate into improved on the job team dynamics. The gyms trainers were particularly winning, and the actors’ improvised scenes were scripted based on real experiences actual participants had had in their team building sessions.

After a brief intro and facilities overview, the shorter sales film used graphic & textually oriented sequences to punctuate, expand on, and emphasize the program data the narrator was over viewing. This underscored the information effectively, and helped emphasize that the programs were professionally conceived, legitimate team building exercises.

“Thank you for your outstanding work… We are proud of what we do, but weren’t sure it would translate well into video… You distilled what we do in a full day seminar into a short, 20-minute video. Everyone on the Greenleaf team has a “can do” attitude that accommodated our team and our clients… The video turned out better than we ever imagined it could – please feel free to share this reference… We couldn’t be happier with the job you did for us.” (John Gleeson – L.A. Gym Manager)


Product Training:

“Gano Excel”

Gano Excel, an Indonesian multi-level marketer of products based on “Ganoderma Lucidum”, a mushroom valued in the Far East for it’s health enhancing properties, was entering the U.S. market. They had recruited upper and mid-level management, and now needed to recruit and train field program members. Gano’s management needed a DVD that would establish a credible corporate image, include motivational elements, and provide the field with a training tool for sales recruiting parties.

We filmed a complete 45-minute training session, and included audience interaction to create a more engaging viewer experience. We designed a high quality 3D title sequence, scripted attractive, front and back testimony sequences for motivational content, and composed a dynamic, original underscore. Instead of shooting the executives slide presentation, we imported his PowerPoint stack into the film, then “panned and scanned” on each slide. This improved the film’s visual quality, and was more effective at highlighting data the trainer wanted emphasized.

“We were very impressed with the quality of your organization, your equipment, and your staff. Thank you for the high-quality work you always did for us, and the high level of service you provided when we hit you with some pretty complex requirements.” (Rick Aguiluz – L.A. Area Manager)


Complex FX, Logistics & Post Services:


Sparkletts water is marketed under a half dozen other product names, in various ways, and across many different geographical regions in the U.S. At any given time there were numerous, special offers, unique sales programs, and many textual or narration changes for all products in both 30 and 60 second spots.

Servicing Sparkletts post-production needs required a large pool of resources, including sophisticated roto-scoping facilities, high quality recording sessions, editing, titling, sound, dubbing and foreign language resources, and the ability to manage complex logistical needs and resources during very short, highly demanding turn around times.

“Rod: Thanks so much for your diligence in meeting our tight deadlines… Your skills in project management, post-production, and your attention to detail is impressive… We never worry if the work is going out to you!” (Stacey Hall – Sparkletts Media Manager)